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TTP Train Hard

REJUVENATION - Physical Therapy

In order to help our athletes maximize their training potential, TTP utilizes PENS.

Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulus (PENS) is a method of neuromuscular re-education that results in improved movement, coordination, and balance, as well as shorter rehabilitation time when used to treat injuries. In PENS therapy, muscle groups are contracted in patterns that mimic muscle movement in normal human activity. Essentially, these contraction patterns "re-educate" the affected muscles and corresponding nerves to fire normally thereby reestablishing optimal movement patterns. Abnormal muscle movement memory, which commonly occurs after an injury, is decreased. PENS also improves circulation by increasing blood flow, which aids in healing injuries. Many professionals who work with athletes are now using this method as it has been shown to reduce repeat injuries and time missed because of an injury.

TTP's partnership with Rehab Plus Phx allows us the ability to create a seamless transition between post surgical rehab and elite performance coaching.